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Friday, December 29, 2000

Mom and dad took me to the place where the rooms are white and they poke around at your body, put sharp things in you, and then give you dog biscuits. They brought Caligula too. He was really scared. A guy that mom and dad call "The Vet" came to look at us, Caligula first, and "The Vet" kept calling him a her. I know he's a pussy cat, but he's still a he. I hear there's even things like female dogs... like the one next door. "The Vet" looked at me with a thing that shown into my eyes. It was really bright and I didn't like it so I tried to bite his hand. Dad got mad. It wasn't that bad, and I don't hurt that much from where they poked me. I think the guy was a little freaked out by my frosted navy blue nail polish.

barked by Plato at 4:51 PM

Tuesday, December 26, 2000

A box arrived in the mail today. It smelled like it had good stuff in it. Mom told me it was not for me, and she put it up on the table. There were a bunch of little packages in it, all wrapped up in pretty paper. I knew that it was for me, though; I could smell it. It also smelled like grandma and grandpa. I knew it wasn't people food or anything, so I didn't feel I was doing anything bad by climbing up on a chair and pulling it off the table while mom was upstairs working. There were a bunch of rubber dog bones and a weiner dog squeak toy, and a velvet bone, and some stupid cat toys that I didn't bother with much. When dad came home, he laughed at all the toys on the floor. Mom came down the stairs and was shocked that all the packages had been opened. They are still under the impression that the cats knocked the packages on the floor and I just did my duty as Plato of unwrapping them. I don't think I'll tell them the truth...I'd rather have Caligula get in trouble.

barked by Plato at 11:11 PM

Saturday, December 23, 2000

Mom and dad clipped our nails today. After they clip mine, they put me upstairs with the crappy carpeting so I won't get blood on the nicer floors downstairs. I didn't bleed too badly this was pretty gentle. Dad holds me while she does the clipping. Then afterward, I got a manicure treatment of dark navy blue frosted nail polish. Hieronymus doesn't get nail polish. I guess it's because he's too much of a guy dog. Mom always calls me her little Pansy Rocker.

barked by Plato at 6:12 PM

Thursday, December 21, 2000

It's been too cold. Mom makes me and Hieronymus wear our little sweaters. Sometimes they fall off his shoulders, and sometimes my paws get caught in mine, but they insist we keep them on. Pug shivers a lot. He never used to do that before he fell down he stairs. It's his birthday today. We both got a little bit of pizza crust to celebrate. I'm glad I have a bunk buddy to snuggle with on these cold winter nights. The other night it got so cold that I peed in my room. Mom scolded me.

barked by Plato at 8:43 PM

Saturday, December 16, 2000

Mom and dad came home last night smelling like the neighbor's cat. I get soooooo jealous.

barked by Plato at 6:24 AM

Thursday, December 14, 2000

Here I am chewing the wheels off. After I started to do that, dad removed them for me. Wasn't that nice of him?

barked by Plato at 10:28 PM

more pics

barked by Plato at 10:10 PM

My pal and bunk buddy Hieronymus with the wheel me.

barked by Plato at 10:08 PM

Here I am biting the butt of the wheel me. I feel kinda strange destroying the spitting image of myself. One time Uncle Tim brought a couple poodles for me to chew on...I didn't feel as bad about that.

barked by Plato at 9:57 PM

The Wheel Me with mom's slipper.

barked by Plato at 9:05 PM

Dad with me and the wheel me that Uncle Tim brought me. Can you see the wheel me?

barked by Plato at 8:50 PM

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Uncle Tim came to visit and brought a miniature me with wheels on the feet! I know this doesn't make much sense, but mom took pictures, so she'll put those up later. I'm going to chew him up....the miniature me, that is, not Uncle Tim.

barked by Plato at 6:12 PM

Tuesday, December 12, 2000

They say I was bad today. When mom and dad went out to get movies and New Orleans Take Out, I turned over the trash can in the upstairs bathroom and got lots of goodies out of it. Mmmmm...tea bag...candy wrappers...facial tissue...mommy's unmentionable....I got scolded really badly. Then when mom was watching TV and working on her orange computer, I almost grabbed a breaded oyster off her plate. She got really mad and made me stay on the floor. But it looked so tasty....I don't think they ever let me have an oyster. Hieronymus told me a tale of one time before I came along when mom and dad tried some canned octopus and they didn't like it, so they gave it to him and he flipped out.

barked by Plato at 9:43 PM

Monday, December 11, 2000

Wow! This dog looks like ME! But it's not. Must be a relative.

barked by Plato at 9:09 PM

Dad came home later than usual tonight. I was so happy to see him, I could hardly contain myself. Now he's shovelling snow so that I'll have a place to go potty without getting my tootsies too wet and cold. Right now I'm burrying my face into Mom's side while she works on her orange computer on the couch. Mom lets me snuggle with her more in the the summer she pushes me away and complains that it's too hot. But I can never get enough snuggling, even in warm weather.

barked by Plato at 8:49 PM

I don't know why mom gets so mad at me when I get one of her used facial tissues out of the waste basket and start to eat it and tear it up. I mean, it's not like she wanted it anyway...or else she wouldn't have discarded it.

Those things are delicious!

barked by Plato at 4:24 PM

Sunday, December 10, 2000

I got to see Uncle Tim! He brought Ann and Stan packages with wrapping. After they left, I destroyed the wrapping. Daddy said, "isn't that sweet, he hates xmas too!" But he's wrong! I love xmas! I love destroying hideous wrapping paper! I just wish mom and dad would buy xmas tress like other people so I can destroy them! I love to destroy xmas stuff. It's so much fun!

barked by Plato at 7:00 PM

I hope I can see Uncle Tim today...I hope I hope I hope...oh boy oh boy oh boy. I will lick his ears and jump on him and squeal until he holds me.

barked by Plato at 1:39 PM

Snuggled with mom in bed this morning...she got up late so I got to snunkle until after 10. Mom's been sleeping late since she's been sick, but she's well now. I think she was still asleep when she was feeding the cats because she spilled more catfood than usual. I got to eat it! Yum...I love cat food better than my own food. When I went outside there was all that white snow stuff on the ground. I hate makes my feet freeze, but that didn't stop me from chasing a leaf caught in a whirlpool wind. I think I'll go back to bed now in my own little bed made from a discarded human sleeping bag. I like to pull the covers over my head like it's a little cave.

barked by Plato at 11:25 AM

Saturday, December 09, 2000

I want Dad's slice of bread really bad. I think I'll whine a little and sound pathetic. Sing. Make cute noises. He's got to give in...he loves it when I sing.

barked by Plato at 10:30 PM

Mom made me a blog! Isn't it neat? She says I can use it every day. After she finished making it, I showed her my affection by going upstairs and snuggling with daddy who was napping. Mom was a little annoyed.

barked by Plato at 9:21 PM

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