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Wednesday, February 21, 2001

Dad's been sick with the flu. This is the third day in a row he's called in sick to work. He went to see a doctor, and he'll probably be sick and home tomorrow too. I love it when Dad's sick! I get to snuggle with him in the sleeping bag. It's not at all like having mom at home. Mom works all day on the computer (unless she's sick), so I can't snuggle with her. I love having Dad at home!

barked by Plato at 12:56 PM

Monday, February 19, 2001

Mom and dad think I'm pretty good at earning my keep. I bark at real people at the door, not like Hieronymus who barks at invisible people at the door. I clean up after myself when I throw up. I clean up after mom and dad when they spill food. I clean up after Hieronymus when he doesn't eat his dinner. I even lick my paws after I pee. I'm very neat and fastidious. Caligula's pretty good at earning his keep too...why just today he let mom and dad know about a problem with their roof. See, the ice made the gutter fall off, and squirrels were starting to get into the eaves. Man, if I just could get my mouth around one of those squirrels.... but anyway, Caligula was acting really weird, listening to all those squirrel noises. Dad went out to check on it and he needs to put the eaves back together. Poor dad is sick today, but he was working on it anyway. I wish I could help somehow....

So I was thinking of doing sort of a freelance thing...kinda like what mom does. But this would be my service. It would be:

Plato's Clean Up Service.

I will come to your house and eat your food that you spill. I will eat the food that your other pets don't want to eat. I will chase squirrels in your yard and maybe even eat them. And if you have mice, I'll subcontract to my bud Caligula. He's a cat, you know. We work well as a team.

barked by Plato at 6:08 PM

Sunday, February 04, 2001

I had a pretty interesting day yesterday. It was nail clipping day. In the early afternoon mom and dad were doing this thing they call "taxes." I don't know what it is really...guess it's nothing I have to worry about, but it stresses mom out a lot. She and dad sat in the love seat and they looked over the tax forms and I sat in between them. They wanted to get the taxes out of the way before they clipped our nails. Then mom was having some computer problems (mom was really stressed!), so she worked on that while dad ran to the pet store to get us some post-nail clip treats. After mom fixed the problems she was having, she came down and first clipped Hieronymus's nails. I never get to see this happen because they always lock me in a room when they're doing it. I guess one time they let me watch and I got so worried about Hieronymus because he was making all these demonic noises and his head was spinning around like some Pug from Hell, so I got in their way too much then and now they put me away. They put me upstairs yesterday and I heard Hieronymus squeal and shriek a lot. He's been getting a lot stronger after he's been recovering from his accident, and puts up a fight like he used to before he fell down the stairs. He's such a wuss, I mean, they're just nails. Then they gave this bone to Hieronymus that he just goes nuts over. Hieronymus doesn't like bones or toys much (that's great, 'cause that just means more for me!), but he loves these Dentabones! They smell good too, but then I like all bones. But Hieronymus gets totally wild and defensive over these and growls at me viciously when I come near them. Then they clipped my nails. I cried a little and bled a little too, but it wasn't that bad. Mom uses this weird white pencil thing that is supposed to stop the bleeding. Then they gave me a Velvet bone, but I didn't like it that much. It was supposed to be bacon flavored, but it didn't smell much like the bacon mom and dad eat. I was just a BIT disappointed. I like the green Velvet bones. They're vegetable flavored. Since they could tell I didn't like that they gave me another bone, just a pink rawhide bone, but that didn't thrill me that much either. I wanted Hieronymus's bone! I kept barking at him and he kept growling at me, and it was at that point that mom said, "Let's take Plato for a ride so that Hieronymus can finish his bone." Oh boy, I love rides, but it was sort of a long ride and I had to pee really badly. It was most uncomfortable. I started fussing and fidgeting and they told me to sit down and be a good boy. I was not enjoying my ride like I usually do. I peed for about a minute when we got back home. But at least I didn't pee in the car. I've never done that.

barked by Plato at 10:43 AM

Thursday, February 01, 2001

That's me being held upside down by dad. It gives me a different perspective on the world when I do this.

barked by Plato at 9:07 PM

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