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UPDATE 2011: I now have an online gallery of my recent digital art. It's a little more sophisticated in coding design than these old html galleries (I still love them, though). You can also purchase posters, prints and other items like cards and more.

Visit my new digital art galleries here.

You are still welcome to browse these old galleries on this' sort of like a wayback time machine or museum.

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Poster Gallery: View and buy my latest digital art images online through Zazzle.
Older Works
Artmatic: Using Macintosh-based Artmatic software, this is a continuing work in progress.
Bryce: Ann and Stan's Incorrect Use of Bryce, the 3D Landscape program.
Font Alchemy: Created in Photoshop with my original dingbats. This is also a continuing work in progress.
Splash from the Past: Previous splash images from The page keeps refreshing randomly. To exit, just click on the splash image to come back to this page.
Even Older Works
Early Digital Images: Created before I got on the web, many of these were featured by the former MetaTools in their Artist Spotlight back in 1996.
FracFonts: Fractalesque images made with my dingbats.
Plastic Riots: Created in Painter, these images were inspired by my physical series, "Satin Riots."
Tarot: My personal abstract interpretation of an Astrologically-based tarot deck.
Vortex: Studies in the use of the amazing but underrated "Vortex" filter.
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