Pet Names

Stinky, Squisher, Squish-A-Rooni, Puggy Bundles, Dude, Dude Master, Chucky, Chucky-Doodle, Chucky Weiner, Chocolate Pug, Doodle, Spoogemaker, Spoogemaster, Master of the Spooge

Former Pet Names Now Out of Vogue

Stink-Weiner, Your Dude-ness, Pug Doodle, Pug Diggity-Dog, Pug-a-Love, Dopey Weirdo, Baby Weirdo, Happa Dog, Happy Fellow, Spooge Puppy, Biff Dog Pug, Swivel Butt


December 21, 1990


February 17, 2003

Hieronymus was quite a contented housedog. Although he originally destroyed anything he could chew when he was a puppy, he spent his days sitting on the couch and daydreaming. In 2000 he had an accident, falling down a flight of stairs. He made a miraculous recovery with the help of chiropracty. In his last years, he was extremely happy and active. On Valentines Day night of 2003, I noticed he seemed a bit uncomfortable. I thought it was just indigestion. The next morning he was vomiting blood. A trip to the emergency vet revealed his blood had an extremely low platelet count. We decided not to do any invasive surgery at that point, and the following Monday we had him put to sleep since he was going downhill so quickly. His passing was extremely quick and hard to take, however we are very grateful that he didn't linger long in pain and that in his last years he was extremely happy up until the end.

He loved trips and visiting Colorado and spending time with our relatives or his "grandhumans." He epecially liked being left with them because he knew older women liked to spoil him...he just had that quality.

He was my first dog that I've ever had and turned out being quite easy to train. Once potty trained, he never ever made a mess in the house except when he got diarrhea in 2002.

Stupid Pet Tricks

His trick was the "Bagel" trick. Noticing he sometimes chased his bagel-shaped tail, I taught him the word "Bagel" which immediately elicited the tail-chase/spinning pug response.

We used to be able to get him to speak before we took him out before dinner. Words spoken? "Kyelp," "Gowak," or "Goink." Whatever.

In His Own Words

Below is an excerpt from an interview with Hieronymus when he was around five or six years old:

If I Were A Human I'd Be . . . a goblin. Are goblins human? How about a gargoyle?

Things I Love. Butts, underwear, bones, treats, licking dinner plates, trips to Colorado, Tim Schmeckel (my favorite Uncle Tim).

Things I Hate. Getting my nails clipped, trips to the vet (but I love the ladies who work there!)

The Scariest Time in My Life (at least for my humans). I was a pretty young dog at the time, and still didn't know my boundaries around our house and yard. One time in winter a man came to the door with a package. I also saw Ann out the window...she was coming home from work at the same time. Stan answered the door, and I went up to greet the delivery man, and then headed out the door to greet Ann, down the steps, and into the street and down the sidewalk! Ann started panicking, and since it was icy, she was having a hard time balancing as she struggled to grab me. I got a big scolding.


Hieronymus, Spring, 2000


Hieronymus, mid-1990s

A Critic Speaks: Hieronymus shows his opinion of some "Percent for Art" outdoor sculpture at one of Iowa's interstate rest stop displays.


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