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Update 2019: AnnStretton.com is the newest fine art site of Abstract Painter Ann Stretton.
This page is from a previous incarnation of the site from over two decades ago. A newer version is located here.
NEWEST--Ann has just opened a new branch of this site devoted to her digital art work that is available as posters and prints.
NEWER--Now featured: One-of-a-Kind Gemstone Jewelry made by Ann!
NEW--Ann's artwork is now available as Art Objects, available at the Gallery Gift Shop in the form of decorative and functional items like t-shirts, totebags, ceramic coaster tiles, mousepads and coffee mugs.
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All images in these galleries are copyright © 1994-2011 Ann Stretton or Stan Starbuck and may not be used without permission. You may purchase a license to use the digital art images in the galleries for your various projects, for example, as a splash page for your website. For more information about purchasing digital art, please read the information.

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