Lucifer Sam

Pet Names

Snoft (combination of snuggly and soft), The Snoft, Spumco, Silly Buttons, Pumpkin Pie

Former Pet Names Now Out of Vogue

None yet!


January 5, 2003, one day before Syd Barrett's birthday (which is why we chose a Pink Floyd song name for him).

After Hieronymus died in February 2003, we couldn't stand to be without a 2nd dog. Plato was especially lonely and distraught, and overnight seemed to turn grey. We wanted either another Pug or a French Bulldog, but the latter was especially difficult and expensive to come by. But if we were getting another Pug, it had to be black this time. Blacks have a different fur texture than Fawns and seem to shed less.

When we brought Lucifer Sam home, we were careful to keep him away from Plato and get them used to eachother gradually. We'd lock one in his kennel while the other was out, but the curiosity was too much for the both of them. Lucifer Sam would go over to Plato's kennel to see who that big dog was, but Plato seemed to be too aggressive at first. Eventually, they got used to eachother, and now, they are inseparable. If one has to go to the vet, the other will bark and cry as we're leaving the house. They're great buddies.

Lucifer Sam is probably our most affectionate pet, with lots of kisses and snuggle. He's also the best behaved dog at the vet's. He has a large vocabulary of barks, and can actually bark quite normally for a Pug when he wants. One of his barks is more playful, like "play with me, pay attention to me." It's barely a bark at all, it's more like he's mouthing a bark, and it sounds like "pop pop." He has a very expressive face, one of his expressions is known as "bunchy face" which looks very underbite-esque, and his upper lips get puffy. This is a very naughty expression, as it appears on his face before he starts to demand attention.

Stupid Pet Tricks

Somehow we managed to teach Lucifer Sam that when he has to go to the bathroom to tug on Stan's finger. It's as if he's actually trying to pull him toward the door.

In His Own Words

If I Were A Human I'd Be . . .I wouldn't be human. I'd be a space alien.

Things I Love. Snuggling, humping mommy's feet (although she won't let me), biscuits, sleeping in Plato's comfy kennel.

Things I Hate. Being told to go to bed when I don't want to.

The Scariest Time in My Life (at least for my humans). When I had some teeth pulled and they gave me anaesthesia, and mom and dad didn't hear back from the vet's and they didn't answer their phone. Mom was a basket case.

Check out the silly mini-"movie" I made with Lucifer Sam. Requires the Quicktime Plugin.


Lucifer Sam through the years

10 weeks. Our little space alien.

4 months, playing with a bagel and Plato.

9 months, with a milk moustache! (actually, it was an allergy to his plastic food's metal and ceramic from now on.)

Dad caught him by surprise with this photo--he's just trying to hide his grey chinwhiskers, which can be quite embarrassing for a 2-year-old.


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