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August 28, 1996

Plato doesn't think he's the center of attention; he knows he is. Although he may appear forboding to strangers because of his "tough dog" posturing, he is actually an incredibly sweet and loving dog. He requires a lot of affection. Once one gets to know him, they are amazed at his human-like, sweet personality.

He's also a bit of a pansy boy...likes his fingernails painted and likes to lounge around in limp-wristed posture. He's smart as a whip, and knows when we're going for a ride (as opposed to going shopping or running errands) and demands he come with us. He also likes to snuggle under the bed covers and uses a pillow like a person would.

Stupid Pet Tricks

"Go Get the Hair Tie." Plato will jump on the couch or futon and try to pull the speaker's hair tie (pony-tail holder/rubber band) out of his or her head. If the person is not wearing a hair tie, he will try to find one on the back of their head. Very amusing when the person has very short hair.

Now this isn't really a trick, but when he feels the urge to be let out to relieve himself at night, he'll spin around on the futon downstairs and stare at my painting that is right above the futon. It's as if the painting with its glitter and refractive media sends some sort of signals to his short-circuiting brain, causing him to spin faster and then reverse direction. Then he'll hop off the futon and run over to Stan and bark. If asked if his butt is full, and if it indeed is, he will bark twice, "Bark Bark," as if to say "Butt Full."

In His Own Words

Below is an excerpt from an interview with Plato when he was less than a year old:

If I Were A Human I'd Be . . .either a musician or a demolition expert.

Things I Love. Toys and playing. Going through the cupboards, cabinets, closets, wastebaskets, etc. and finding things that don't belong to me. Chewing on clothes. Eating shoes. Snuggling in bed with Ann and Stan.

Things I Hate. Being ignored.

The Scariest Time in My Life (at least for my humans). This winter, mom and dad, um, I mean Ann and Stan took Hieronymus and I out to Colorado. They went to see their friends Lamya and Russ who had a Brittany Spaniel named Oscar. Oscar was huge (I was just a little 5 month old Boston Terrier!) but I wasn't afraid of him. He and I were playing and playing and running and chasing, but Hieronymus didn't play much because he said he'd been around Oscar before, and Oscar was too big to play with him. But not me, I just loved racing around their yard with Oscar. I was getting rather worn out, though, and then all of a sudden I tripped or something and hurt my jaw and started making a weird noise and then mom and dad started to panick and dad held me close and Ann was freaking out and they called the vet and Russ and Stan took me to the vet and they looked at me, and I was trying to tell everyone that I was ok, and the only one who believed me was the vet who released me, 'cause all I had was a scratch on my chin. I guess mom and dad, um, I mean Ann and Stan, thought it was a lot worse. That night we went to stay at Ann's mom and dad's house (also known as the Raspberry Lady because she grows raspberries [and Hieronymus says some time when we're out there in the summer I'll have to graze in the raspberry patch with him] and THE MAN WHO HATES DOGS). That night Ann let me sleep in her bed because she said she was so glad I wasn't hurt.

And then there was the time just recently when my face swelled up all red and puffy. Ann and Stan panicked (again) and took me to the emergency vet in the middle of the night. Ann took a sandal with her that I'd eaten part of to show the vet, but I don't think that's what made me swell up. Heck, I eat parts of her shoes all the time and nothing happens except for getting scolded. I heard them saying something about a spider bite...come to think of it, I was playing with a little crawly thing earlier that evening.... The vet gave me a couple shots of medicine and then sent me on my way. I was so sleepy the next morning! Ann and Stan said I looked like a rabbit when my face was swollen. They kept complaining that with all the vet money they spent on me they could've bought a Chinese Crested.


Plato, Spring, 2000

Hey, Baby...

Brindle blends in well with the furniture

Plato, Winter 1996/97...just a puppy


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